Dynamite Deals delivers competing merchants to you as you shop for electronics online, helping you to find the best price and save money.
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The Largest Merchant Database - We are continually adding new e-commerce merchants to our database of online merchants and manufacturers. Today we track over 85 million product pages and counting.


It Doesn't Interrupt - Dynamite Deals remains hidden when you're not shopping on a product buy page. Dynamite Deals only jumps into action when it has a alternative merchant and price for your review. Allowing you to enjoy browsing without interruption.


More Data at your Fingertips - We're constantly monitoring all of our merchant sites and gather all of our data ourselves real-time, which means you're more likely to get the real price charged, instead of an outdated advertisement. Anytime we notice a price change, you'll be the first to know. In addition to price, we screen for in-stock and shipping information when it's available so that you have as much information as possible when you shop.


Keeps your Browser Running Smooth - Unlike other shopping tools, Dynamite Deals seamlessly integrates with your browser and does all of its work in our industrial-strength database instead of slowing down your computer.


Constant Improvement - The power to make Dynamite Deals better is in your hands; when you submit feedback to us on new merchants and products we improve our database and work to ensure you'll get the best deals.


Privacy Guaranteed - Dynamite Deals takes your privacy seriously, we do not store any personally-identifiable information or install unwanted spyware or adware. Ever.

Dynamite Deals is currently only available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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