Frequently Asked Questions




What is Dynamite Deals?

Dynamite Deals is a tool that seamlessly integrates into your browser and discreetly notifies you when it finds a better price somewhere else on the web. Use it to save money and to find alternative merchants that other shopping engines miss.


How does Dynamite Deals work?

Just like any major search engine, we've created a unique proprietary algorithm that continuously searches the web for the best pricing information we can find. It's not perfect (which is why we always appreciate your feedback), but it does provide us with one of the largest merchant databases in the industry, which we call the Dynamite Data database. We believe this database provides you with the best opportunity to find the lowest prices for all of your electronics.

When you visit a merchant page, Dynamite Deals sends the URL to our servers, which then searches Dynamite Data for the most up to the minute pricing. We almost always catch new products or price changes immediately because we don't rely on advertised pricing or merchant feeds. This means that if we've found it, you see it instantly.

In order to provide this service you may notice that we run a small, non-intrusive, program in the background of your browser software called "Dynamite Data Addon Support", which is the price agent tool we use to deliver this information to you. We take your privacy very seriously: we don't store any of your URLs when you are browsing non-shopping sites, and no personally identifiable information is ever collected. See our privacy policy for more information.


How does Dynamite Deals maintain my privacy?

We don't track any personally identifiable information and use only the URL of merchant pages you visit in order to deliver results to you. Dynamite Data takes your privacy very seriously and we take great care to make sure your personal data is protected. See our privacy policy for more information.


How do I know if a website is supported by Dynamite Deals?

The Dynamite Deals symbol in your browser will appear bright red when it's on a website that it recognizes in the Mozilla Firefox browser. It remains grayed out for a website it does not support. For Google Chrome users, the Dynamite Deals symbol will appear only when you're on a supported site.

If you would like to see a merchant site added, simply use the feedback button built into the Dynamite Deals Add-on and we'll verify the site before adding it to our database. For Google Chrome users, this page can be accessed by viewing the installed extentions page, and clicking the Options link below the Dynamite Deals entry.


How does Dynamite Deals make money?

You'll always get the lowest price we can find. Guaranteed! Some online merchants pay us a small commission for the traffic we direct to their website. We cover merchants whether or not they pay us this commission though, so you'll always get the lowest price we can find.


What browsers is Dynamite Deals available for?

Dynamite Deals is currently available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Why doesn't Dynamite Deals work when I'm on a merchant's home page?

Dynamite Deals only displays competitive pricing information once you've reached a specific product page with an offer price displayed. A merchant home page typically has multiple products. To view competitive pricing information, click a product on the merchant home page to visit the product page.


Why am I seeing a gray dynamite stick or no alternative price results?

There are a couple of possible reasons for this:

1) The merchant may have mislabeled or miscategorized the product. When they do this it's very difficult for us to compare against our database correctly. Hit the feedback button to let us know and we'll try to determine what the issue is.

2) Dynamite Deals is still a constantly improving system, which means that sometimes we are missing some product or merchant information on our end. We are normally very accurate, but across millions of pages we can sometimes miss something. If you don't get the results you expect, let us know using the feedback button.

3) You may not be on a website that is a Dynamite Deals supported merchant yet. If you let us know, we'll look into adding it to our ever-expanding list.


I found a price better than the one Dynamite Deals showed me, what happened?

If you found this price on a legitimate merchant's site, we're sorry! We're working hard here at Dynamite to make sure things like that happen rarely, and are striving for 100% accuracy. Dynamite Deals is an evolving and constantly improving platform and we haven't covered every legitimate merchant and product entirely yet. Until then, please help us make this product better by using the feedback button, and we'll use the report to make Dynamite Deals even smarter.


Why don't you cover the merchant I've found?

There are two potential reasons we may not have the merchant you've found in our database. The first is that we often exclude illegitimate merchants from our searches. These are merchants who don't post accurate prices, list incorrect stock or shipping information, or are just plain fraudulent. We wouldn't ever want to direct you to one of those sites, which is why every merchant we've added is individually screened to ensure your security.

The second reason could be that Dynamite Deals is an evolving and constantly improving platform and we haven't covered every merchant and product entirely yet. Until then, please help us make this product better by using the feedback button to let us know we're missing a merchant, and we'll use the report to make Dynamite Deals even smarter. To see a list of the merchants that we cover worldwide click here.


What is Dynamite Data?

Dynamite Data is the industrial-strength database and API we use to provide all of the information for Dynamite Deals. We also use it to provide a number of business solutions for online retailers and manufacturers. Click here to learn more about our B2B product offerings.